Our Preschool program provides optimal solutions in terms of early stimulation, curricular sequence and care, strengthening the practice of Christian principles and values. Also, it promotes meaningful learning by validating both individual characteristics and the phase of child development, as well as creativity, curiosity and enjoyment, while developing the Educational Model in a healthy and safe environment.


The MCS primary school is a safe place with a Christ-centered environment in which all of our students enjoy their learning process to grow fully and happily, where  it allows children to learn, play and be happy by knowing the word of the Lord. We offer a comprehensive education where academic, cultural and sporting excellence is achieved through the teaching of the word of God.  


At MCS High School our mission is to make our students disciples of Christ, who know their identity in the Lord. Our focus is for each student to develop the strengths and gifts with which he was created by God. To this end, we accompany them to discover the Lord's purpose for their lives and we foster an environment that leads them to develop the skills that enable them to achieve it.


Thank you for taking the time to consider MCS for your child's education. We have an admissions policy that connects our institution with spiritually like-minded families who support our gospel-centered mission and vision, as well as our educational goals and standards. Our purpose is to serve families who want more than just a high-quality private education, but a distinctive and genuinely Christian education for their children.

Gospel-centered Education

Christian education seeks to teach life skills from a biblical worldview while encouraging each student to develop their abilities for the glory of God.

Our core values—following Christ, transforming learners, impacting our society, learning in community, and growing in relationships—drive everything we do. We design instruction so that students are continually shown the purpose and action behind their learning. Our teachers seek to model a life of action, service, and relentless pursuit of the unique gifts God has given each of us.

At MCS we seek to ignite a passion for learning and service in students. We provide an authentic and holistic Christian education of distinction. Students learn in an environment that fosters lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and problem solvers who actively participate in the world as ambassadors for Christ.