MCS, originally called Colegio Monterrey, was founded and opened its operations in 1956. In mid-1955 a group of leaders of the Costa Rican Evangelical church and parents, including some foreign missionaries, met to raise the possibility to open an educational center with an evangelical foundation, where their children could receive a quality education in a healthy environment, governed by Christian principles and where the most important cultural and civic values of our country would also be instilled.

It was a time when evangelical families were not well regarded due to a strong culture of national religiosity. There were many difficult moments, but also many testimonies of the miraculous way in which God used the voluntary work of many, the donations of motivated people, and the professional work of Costa Ricans and some missionaries who always worked as one body.

The initiative did not remain in words or dreams. After eight months of carrying out activities to raise the first funds, these pioneers and other leaders saw their efforts crowned with the purchase of a land located in what was previously called the Monterrey neighborhood of Montes de Oca. A technical committee was appointed in charge of the educational program based on academic excellence and it was agreed to start with its own land and building, built in 10 weeks where the secondary section is located today.

On August 9, 1955, the first donation from the Clínica Bíblica Hospital was received for 2.7 million colones (about 750 thousand US dollars at that time) as a result of a percentage of the surpluses from several months ago, destined for the work. of infrastructure. A budget was defined for the furniture of five thousand colones (about $1,390).

From the first year, a Governing Council was appointed as the highest authority with representation from LAM, AIBC (association of Bible Churches of Costa Rica) and the Bible Temple, a solid and prestigious church in the country. The Latin American Mission, satisfied with the operation and ministerial orientation of the MCS, decided to transfer legal representation, assets and operational responsibility in 1981 to a new association created by Costa Ricans. This entity was called the Monterrey Cultural Association after the place where the ministry opened its doors: Monterrey neighborhood, Vargas Araya District of Antón Montes de Oca, province of San José. It is not until 2018 that Colegio Monterrey officially changes its name before the Ministry of Public Education, to the current name of Monterrey Christian School due to the emphasis on a Christian educational offer and the character of a bilingual educational center.

As committed Christians from the beginning we are nourished by the Word of God. In the scriptures and in prayer we are taught and warned of the fundamental signs of the times we live in, with the intention of making us a community relevant to God's plans and agenda. That is why we must be vigilant and appreciate how there are increasingly clear signs that we are living in the last times of humanity. This gives a different sense of urgency to the work and the strategic vision of what we do.

The educational formation of children and youth is the most vital preparation space for the fulfillment of God's agenda, after work and family responsibility. For this reason, we must always expect that our impact work will be constantly attacked by the destroyer, the enemy, who wants to break in and hinder what we do.

The founders of Colegio Monterrey thought about creating not only an Evangelical Institution, but also providing children and young people with a good education in all areas, proof of this is the motto they chose: The highest example in all , aspiration that is still maintained, becoming a challenge for students and officials who, as children of God, follow his maxim: Whatever you do, whether in deed or word, do everything for the glory of God.(Colossians 3:17)